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Art Therapy Coach

  • Village of Spring Lake, Spring Lake (village), Alberta, Canada

  • 7802710675

  • Posted 4 mins ago

No-proof compassion pricing is available on all services. Individual and Couple sessions are 90 min. and range between $125-75 CAD. Child/parent services are 60 min. $85-55. 90 min. online Self Care Group prices range from $40/pair to $35/individual. Read More


African Photo Safari

  • Windhock

  • Posted 1 day ago

Being out on an African Safari is like being in a piece of heaven. The bright blue clear skies cannot even be described. Capturing the true colors of what nature is awe-inspiring. The true Beauty of the natural setting and wildlife cannot be found anywhere else. It is something that one needs to really experience to really know that “feeling” of wow. That’s one of the joys of an African Safari Photo Tours. Capturing all this beauty with your camera is a job that can seem a bit overwhelming at first, no worries, you will be taking it all Read More